Committed To A Safe Educational Environment

The COVID19 pandemic has strengthened our resolve to provide the best preschool and kindergarten education in the safest possible atmosphere for our students as well as our staff. As you may be aware, in addition to being one of the leading preschools on Long Island, we are also one of the leading day camps. We are proud to say that we were one of the few camps that chose and were able to open for the 2020 camp season. Our diligence and preparation along with stringent guidelines from the CDC, NEW YORK STATE, and SUFFOLK COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENTS along with the American Camp Association, allowed us to prepare and open for our camp families. The safety protocols that were put into place allowed us to offer a program this summer that was safe, fun and allowed for children to re-enter a world where they can engage with other children safely.

Our experience this summer fills us with the confidence to open Park Shore Country Day School safely for our students and staff this September. We will be following all of the guidelines and protocols set forth by the CDC, the New York State, and Suffolk County Public Health Departments. Below is a brief overview of our plans. Click here for our full School Safety Plan.

Safety Protocols:

  • Class size limited to 15 students
  • Required mask-wearing by all staff
  • Students will wear masks with scheduled breaks
  • Use of our beautiful, sprawling 15-acre campus for outdoor educational and recreational purposes
  • Daily temperature checks for all students and staff
  • 14-day temperature check or 7-day temperature check with negative COVID test required for all students and staff prior to their first day of school
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and hand sanitizing procedures
  • Full-time maintenance staff on grounds to ensure proper cleanliness
  • Social distancing guidelines strictly followed
  • No parents or other visitors allowed while students are on grounds
  • Distance learning contingency plan

Park Shore is one of the ONLY schools that can offer your children a beautiful, onsite robust natural environment and incorporate that in a safe, fun, and inspiring outdoor/open-air educational learning experience.  Our sprawling 15-acre campus features:

  • Outdoor Covered/Sheltered Learning Emporium and Umbrella Picnic Tables
  • Outdoor Hydroponics Grow Lab
  • Community Garden
  • Outdoors Art Studio
  • Athletics Facility
  • Three Playgrounds
  • Trikes Raceway
  • Ninja Obstacle Course

We would love to have the opportunity for you to come for a tour and learn more about Park Shore Country Day School. We are looking forward to meeting you and are prepared to answer any and all questions about our school as well as our Safety Plan.