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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!


Dear Park Shore Families,

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. New school year, new friends, new teachers, and many new adventures and academic lessons to learn. It is always such a pleasure to greet and renew friendships with children and families that I have known from previous years. It is especially rewarding to meet new families and start new long-lasting bonds that are sure to stay with us for a lifetime.

This year we have many new and fun activities and surprises waiting for all of you. One of my favorites is a new Robot that Miss Sam will be introducing during computer class. This new Robot is sure to excite and expand our robotic knowledge while having fun as we learn. Miss Tina has many new science lessons planned, as well as adding some new colorful Starfish to our touch tank. Who knows what other friends may join us in our Cave this school year? Miss Taneisha will continue to bring us the sounds of music as well as teach us how to sing with our hands using American Sign Language. In Gym she will continue to have us running, jumping, stretching and strengthening our minds and bodies as well as encouraging all our students to eat healthy food and get plenty of sleep.

I have so many fun and exciting days planned. I truly am looking forward to watching all our students grow, learn, make friends, and form special bonds with their teachers. The most satisfying reward I have as being an Education Director is watching our students develop a strong foundation for their future success in school. This foundation is the structure and strength that will help them to become individual learners, teammates, compassionate, kind and understanding students who will become confident in their academic future. Everyone at Park Shore is committed to making sure each and everyone of our students will achieve these goals and become our future leaders of the world.

Please feel free at any time to call me with any questions or concerns. I will always be available to you no matter how big or small your concerns will be. Wishing everyone a happy beginning to the 2019-2020 school year.


Dianne Vitucci

Education Director/Operations Director

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