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Thinking About Sending Your Child To Preschool?

Knowing the Questions to Ask Will Help With the Process

Studies show that Early Childhood Education Programs have lasting benefits

Early Childhood Education Programs have been shown to have significant benefits both short and long-term for the child including but not limited to; enhancing cognitive skills, helping with school readiness and aiding in both social and emotional development.

A recent study published in the journal Child Development, studied nearly 1 million North Carolina students who attended early childhood programs between 1995 and 2010, following them through 5th grade. Positive impact on reading and math test scores where recorded as well as a reduction in special education placement throughout the life of the study.  If a child is in need of early intervention it is likely that the concern will be addressed promptly when already in an educational setting. They concluded that the benefits from these programs grew or held steady over those five years.

According to Park Shore Country Day School’s Educational Director, Dianne Vitucci, “Preschool sets the foundation for future success in your child’s educational path. Preschool children are more apt to transition into kindergarten when they have the knowledge, confidence, and self esteem needed to navigate into the elementary school system. Going to preschool gives children skills on how to transition from one activity to another, it gives them confidence and security from the anxiety some children get from the separation process when leaving a parent. Most often this anxiety can be a distraction and inhibit the ability to learn.” Getting a head start on school readiness may lessen the transition period for your child when entering grade school and promote an early love of learning!


Family Lifestyle and Schedule Can Make an Impact on the Preschool Decision

Whether you are a first time parent, or a seasoned one, the decision of putting your child into a preschool or daycare setting has most likely come up in conversation once or twice. The decision usually is dictated by the needs of both child and parent. What age should we start them? Are they ready? Preschool or daycare? You will find that taking your daily lifestyle and schedule into account will be very helpful in narrowing down your choices. Proximity to your home or place of work is usually an important thing to factor in also. Security has become a more popular topic of discussion in recent years and it is important to make sure the facility follows proper procedures. Knowing the procedures for the facility, your child and whoever may be picking and dropping them off is a good thing to consider. The answers to these important questions will ultimately help you make your final decision. If you decide that preschool is the right route for your family and child, there are some other things to also consider when making your choice.


What Type Of Preschool Setting Will Work Best For Your Child?

Some preschools may put more emphasis on play, while others may focus more on science and technology. Only you will know which environment will best suit your child. Finding a preschool that can balance play, early childhood development and social interactions may be a good compromise. There are many different philosophies and teaching approaches that preschools may offer. Try to think about your child’s personality and learning style (if applicable) when envisioning whether that setting will be a good fit or not.


Questions To Ask When Touring a Preschool Facility

  • What are the pick-up and drop-off times?
  • What are the student/teacher ratios?
  • What are the class sizes?
  • How much outdoor play do children get?
  • Does my child have to be potty trained to enroll?
  • Does the school offer before and/or after care?
  • Are lunch and snacks included in price?
  • What is the flexibility of payment options and number of hours/days attending?
  • What are the procedures for holidays or inclement weather?


Choosing a Preschool is an Exciting Time for Both Parent and Child

Choosing the right preschool for you and your child is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one! Being prepared with a list of questions and already knowing what things matter most to your family will give you a great head start! A preschool is often where a child first gains their love of learning, and finding a place that can help nurture them as both individuals and future students, is sure to make an impression that will last a lifetime! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have! Park Shore Day School is celebrating their 60th anniversary as the leaders in early childhood education!


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