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Spring Has Sprung at Park Shore

Dear Park Shore Families,


It was such a wonderful feeling to see all of you singing and dancing at our Spring Fling. Miss Taneisha did an amazing job and I was more than thrilled for you to experience exactly what your children receive in music and gym class at Park Shore. It always gives me a warm, happy feeling when I see our parents, teachers, and children participating in a group activity.

During the month of March we had many different “special days”. I believe the Super Hero Day and Disney Day were the favorites! We have many more fun and exciting days planned from now until the end of school. Keep on the lookout for the special events coming our way. Our next special day will be a school wide egg roll and of course there will be surprises for all.


Now that the weather is getting warmer, we can leave the big bulky coats, mittens, gloves and hats at home and start to enjoy our playgrounds and outdoor activities. Miss Tina, our Science teacher, is getting ready for some outdoor science experiments. I hope you were able to see our new additions to our marine touch tank. We now have over four different species of starfish that the children can hold and learn about. By bringing the marine environment indoors, our students can experience the beauty and magic of the earth’s ecosystems. It truly is a remarkable experience for our children. Our hydroponics unit is now in the nursery stage. Our children are getting an education on how we will be growing our vegetables without soil. By providing readily available nutrition this will allow our plants to grow up to 50% faster than they do in soil. Stay tuned for pictures of their growth.


As you can see, we continue to teach, grow and challenge your children in all areas of education. With our classroom teachers, Music, Gym, Science and Computer classes, your children are receiving a one-of-a-kind curriculum that enhances and develops their natural curiosity and desire to learn. I am grateful to be a part of their development and growth.



Dianne Vitucci

Education Director

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