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Dear Parents,
Welcome back for another amazing school year and welcome new families to Park Shore! I am looking forward to having your child in physical education class this year.  We will begin each class with a welcome song along with a warm up and an activity (usually 2) and end with a goodbye song.  I will also talk about good eating habits and making the right choices and to keep active.
Here is just a sample of some things we will do:
Freeze dance is always fun for kids.  While they are having fun, they are working on their listening skills, whether they realize it or not.
We will play something as simple as target toss using beanbags or balls.  We will play a variety of matching games that consist of balls, hula hoops, buckets, beanbags, cones and more.  This is popular!
Jump around with hopscotch, hopping and running drills are some of the gross motor skills that we will work on.
We will have lots of fun with parachute play. In fact the fun has begun. The first couple of weeks of school we played get to know you games by passing a ball around and yelling your name and saying your favorite food.  Mac and Cheese was a favorite.  We jumped through some fun obstacle courses for conditioning and played different tag games, basketball and capture the flag.
I traced squiggly lines on the basketball court and the children (including the toddlers) followed the lines and balanced bean bags on their heads.
This week we will have fun jumping on the Castle Bounce and will enjoy kickball and other surprises.
Please remember to pack a light jacket since gym will be outside as much as popular. Sneakers are a must for a safe fun gym experience.
Thank you,
Miss Jackie Gym