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September 2019 News from The ESSK Lab

From the ESSK Lab with Miss Tina

Hello Park Shore Families,

Welcome to Science!  September has always felt like a new beginning to me, new notebooks, new sneakers, new backpack and fresh eager faces, bright eyed and ready for a new school year.  I would like to take a moment to welcome back my friends continuing their Park Shore career and send a very warm welcome to my new friends. I am very excited to get to know you and your children this year! 

My name is Miss Tina and I will be helping your children learn and grow in Park Shore’s unique, one-of-a-kind STEAM Science Center.  This is my 13th year at Park Shore and my 5th year as the Science teacher. Over the years I have held many roles here at Park Shore, although in the Science Lab I have truly found my calling.  I love teaching the children new skills and watching their curiosity turn to knowledge.    

This year we will be incorporating all of the elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), including  Robotics into our Science program. Your children will get 2 full periods of Science each week, as well as some enrichment opportunities, such as helping with the new hydroponics garden and maintaining the native garden. 

In the Science Lab itself we started off September with lessons on what Science incorporates.  We started by reading the book “What Is Science”, to give the children a basic concept that science is truly all around us.  Then we practiced using some of the many scientific tools we will be utilizing this year. We then practiced the scientific method by conducting our very own experiment. Together we went through each step from forming a hypothesis to recording our results.   Each group was given an apple and 2 ingredients to cause a chemical reaction. The children were delighted with the results, ask them what happened in their apple. We also had the opportunity to use our apples to discuss gravity and participate in a fun activity that demonstrated gravity and density.  Most of the children were able to correctly predict that the larger apple would get down the ramp more quickly.  

We were all delighted to visit the “Cave”.  Here we learned about all our animal friends.  We met Tuck the turtle, Fester our friendly bearded dragon, Stanley the blue tongue skink and Jumpy and Jumpie the crested geckos.  Excitement was apparent when the children were introduced to our new fish friends. We have our Pacu, who always looks like he is smiling at us.  We also have Koi and Oscars. In our little tanks we have mollies and goldfish. It is amazing to watch the children interact with the animals, they are so gentle and careful.

Toward the end of September we will learn about liquids and solids by making a favorite substance, Oobleack.  Only this time instead of using water we will use a special ingredient. Ask your child what we used to make our non-Newtonian fluid.  We will also investigate the properties of water and oil and try to predict what will happen when we mix these materials      

I am looking forward to the school year ahead and am delighted to be working with your children.  I know they will be excited by what they learn in Science and tell you all about it each week. If you have a question about what we are learning, please feel free to contact me through the main office.  I openly welcome any questions or ideas you may have.

Enjoy the lingering warm weather!  


Miss Tina

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