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Science: Week of May 25, 2020

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Week Of May 25th

Lava Lamp


Gardens For Everyone

This Week’s Experiments & Activities

Blobs in a Bottle Experiment


  • Clean 1-liter clear soda bottle 
  • ¾ cup of water
  • vegetable oil 
  • Alka Seltzer tablets 
  • Food Coloring 
Film Canister Rocket Demo/Experiment


  • empty film canister (these are somewhat hard to find – if you want to try this you can get some here 
  • Water
  • Alka Seltzer tablets 
Birds of Prey Drive-Thru Day

Wow, Guys – SweetBriar Nature Center in Smithtown is doing a Birds of Prey Drive-thru Day on May 30th  and having a contest for the best-decorated car at the same time.  It sounds like a great way to have fun while staying safe.  I am attaching the link for advance reservations!!  Let me know if you go and take some pictures to share!   


This is a perfect time for kids to start gardening. Click here for a great comparative experiment that can be done over a few weeks. Have your child make a journal and draw pictures to see which soil works best. I would love to see some pictures and results if you decide to do this.

Gardening with Kids

I am also including a video of the different ways I plant in my own backyard.  

10 Best Reasons To Garden With Kids
  1. Gardening engages all five senses

How does that dirt feel against your hands? Add water. Now, what does it feel like? How does that tomato plant smell? How does that strawberry taste right off the vine? Can you hear that crunch from that carrot? Incorporating sensory exploration is easy in the garden!

  1. Gardening encourages healthy eating

Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist trying veggies they’ve grown themselves! Try it straight out of the garden or cook it together in the kitchen — you might find a new favorite food!

  1. Gardening enhances fine motor development

Gardening encourages the development of fine motor skills every step of the way, from picking up tiny seeds to gently caring for seedlings and plants.

  1. Gardening is science

What makes leaves green? Why do plants need sunlight to thrive? Why do plants grow better in loamy soil than clay? Explore science together while gardening — more proof learning can be fun!

  1. Gardening is a great family activity

Although gardening can definitely be a lot of work, doing it together as a family makes it fun. It’s a great time to have conversations without electronics getting in the way.

  1. Gardening teaches responsibility

Plants require a lot of attention. Learning how to care for the plants properly — from watering to weeding — is a great lesson in responsibility for kids.

  1. Gardening helps kids learn to plan and organize

Some plants grow better at certain times of the year. Others do well next to another specific plant. Some grow nicely in rows, while others, like wildflower seeds, can be sprinkled around. Gardening is an opportunity to chat with your kids about research and planning.

  1. Gardening creates environmental stewards

Kids who understand how much time, effort, and care go into growing food will understand how important farmers are, and why it’s important to take care of our Earth. 

  1. Gardening develops math skills

How far apart should seeds be planted? How many does that mean you can plant in each row? How much water does each potted planter need? How many hours of sunlight will plants get each day? Math is a big part of gardening!

  1. Gardening teaches patience

The time it takes to grow a seed to harvesting your veggies takes weeks, if not months! Gardening is all about patience … and it’s always worth the wait!

Banana Bread Recipe

Seems like everyone is making banana bread lately – why not try making this yummy variation!!

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