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Science: Week of May 18, 2020

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With Miss Tina

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Week Of May 18th

Science With Miss Tina

In The Cave With Miss Tina

This Week’s Experiments & Activities

Build a Fizz Inflator Experiment


  • one small empty plastic soda or water bottle 
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • small balloon
  • baking soda
  • Funnel or piece of paper 
Pepper and Soap Experiment


  • Shallow bowl or pie tin
  • Water
  • Pepper
  • Dish soap
  • toothpick
Create a Solar Powered Oven out of a Pizza Box

Now that we have more daylight each day – why not use some of that extra energy the sun is making to make a yummy s’more.  This is a project I had wanted to enjoy with you guys in person.  We were going to melt crayon pieces in our pizza box solar oven and make lego crayons – but you can actually use this oven to cook!!  Try it at home and let me know what you made.  I would love to see some pictures!   

Marshmallow Catapult

Here’s a great engineering activity.  Why not try to build a simple marshmallow catapult.  See how far you can make the marshmallow fly.  

Bronx Zoo Live Cams

I know right now The Bronx Zoo is not open, but they do live cams each day of the Sea Lions, Lemurs, and the Aquatic Bird House.  So much fun to watch!


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