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Science: Week of May 11, 2020

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Week Of May 11th

This Week’s Experiments & Activities

How Does A Leaf Breath Experiment


Upside Down Glass of Water Experiment


  • Drinking glass
  • Water
  • Thick Sheet of Paper that is long and wide enough to cover the entire mouth of the glass. (We used a piece of poster board)
  • Large Container or Sink
Bending Pencil Experiment


  • glass with water 2/3 full
  • pencil
Rainbow Light Experiment


  • Glass of water
  • piece of white paper
  • full sunlight


Place a glass of water in direct sunlight. Hold the white paper below the glass.  Look for the rainbow!

The science behind it:

Rainbows are formed when light passes through water droplets.  As the light comes through, it is refracted, just like in the bending pencil experiment above.  As a result, the light separates into its different colors, which form the rainbow.

Water Cyclone Experiment

For more water fun join Josh and Blue in making your very own water cyclone experiment!


Aquarium Virtual Field Trip

Take a virtual field trip to the Aquarium with Blippi!


Make Your Own Popsicle

Now that the weather is finally getting warmer how about making your own Popsicle?  Here is a great recipe.  If you don’t have a mold you can use small cups or a muffin pan, just pour in the mix, cover with plastic wrap and then put the Popsicle sticks in through the plastic wrap or wait until they are almost frozen to put the Popsicle stick in – this makes sure the sticks stay straight (makes it easier to eat).


Watch Butterflies, Ants & Ladybugs Grow!

If you are interested in watching butterflies, ladybugs or ants grow – check out this site (unfortunately they are out of the praying mantis that I showed you, but you can find those in a lot of nurseries)  

Virtual Tour of Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Looking for more fun – take a virtual tour of Disney’s Safari Animal Kingdom!

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