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Park Shore Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K Program expands and builds upon our earlier programs. What sets our Pre-K Program apart from other programs is extensive. Our literacy goals and objectives are increased to a level that will give our students an advantage as he or she enters Kindergarten. In addition to our extensive Science, Computers, Music & Movement, and Physical Education programs, the following are some of the highlights of Park Shore’s Pre-K Program.

  • Word building and decoding common sight words and high frequency words
  • Reading, writing and phonemic sounds will help our students to form text and comprehend stories, as well as verbal and written instructions
  • Focus on how to communicate in writing as well as illustrating ideas
  • Monthly Author studies help students discover the many different writing techniques that books and stories have to offer
  • Set goals so that our students are able to work independently as well as in group settings
  • Incorporate an environment that will that will manifest critical thinking problems, reasoning skills and verbal communication
  • Learn how to comprehend multi-step instructions, social collaborative skills, organize their work, and be responsible for Kindergarten ready skills
  • Social Studies: Exposure to history, geography, and community through books, technology and hands-on experiences
  • Math: Understanding of number formation through Addition, Subtraction, Sequencing, and Statistics
  • Build self-esteem, problem solving skills, and the ability to structure language as a tool to learn
  • Advanced education in Robotics, Coding, Engineering, and Earth, Physical and Life Science in our Extreme STEAM Science Center
  • Experiences in our onsite “Cave” featuring marine touch tanks and aquariums
  • Weekly experiences in our “SEE” Enrichment Program
  • American Sign Language and Spanish
  • Physical Education teacher will provide skill-building activities that will foster large and small group games as well as individual attention