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Reading and Writing Program

Park Shore’s balanced Literacy Program in Kindergarten combines the use of reading aloud, shared and guided reading, as well as independent reading. The program enables each child to work with his/her teacher on a one to one basis using leveled readers. Our literacy program begins with an appreciation for good literature. Once this is accomplished, the teaching strategies include phonics, grammar skills, as well as reading strategies. The writing aspect of the program shadows the reading program with modeled or interactive writing, shared writing, guided
writing and finally, independent writing. Our goal at Park Shore is to ensure that our students receive a strong foundation which will guide them on a path to be proficient readers, writers, speakers and to be lifelong learners.

Handwriting without Tears

The Handwriting Without Tears Program is a wonderful penmanship, as well as a letter and number formation tool that we institute at Park Shore. Gray block paper is supplemental to the workbook and is instrumental in engaging the children in the repetition that is needed to succeed with handwriting skills. The program is designed so that the letters are taught with height, size and a common number of strokes that are required to form certain letters. For example, the letters E, F, L, etc. are taught in succession with one another. The children are able to see the connection more clearly and can therefore remember the proper order of the formation of each letter.

Envisions Mathematics Program

Park Shore’s Kindergarten Envisions Mathematics Program teaches our children the concept behind mathematics with the use of manipulatives. This hands­on approach to learning will prepare our students to calculate problems by listening for mathematical vocabulary words, as well as by understanding what numbers represent. Each newly taught skill builds on the previously learned material. The road to success in today’s mathematical instruction is to be guided through the process of conceptualizing the use of numbers and how we can apply them in real life situations.

History Alive

Our Social Studies Program at Park Shore entitled, History Alive, teaches the children about community,
neighborhoods, as well as different cultures. The private school environment enables us to expand on these Kindergarten mandated programs, by introducing the Seven Continents, Global Warming, different types of weather patterns and a full unit on the Rainforest. At Park Shore our goal is to expose the children to as much information and experiences as they are able to absorb. This makes for a more enriched program that will help
our children to become more well­rounded.