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STEAM Science Center

Extreme STEAM Science Center
Developing your mind for the future through STEAM

Park Shore’s NEW state­-of­-the-­art STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, Mathematics) Science Center is filled with exciting laboratory equipment, animals from around the world and everything that is necessary to stimulate and educate the minds of our budding scientists. By conducting scientific experiments, the children will develop skills such as predicting outcomes and drawing conclusions through observation, interpretation and verbal communication. At Park Shore, we believe that the key to learning is having fun and our science program is no exception. Our goal is to create excitement and wonder for the world of science and to combine this with our student’s natural curiosity of the world around them in order to encourage exploration and discovery.

Our science program integrates science, technology, engineering and the arts and math. These are the core subjects that make up a STEAM education and are of the utmost importance to our children right now. In order to keep our children on the cutting edge in STEAM subjects, exposure and experience in these areas at a younger age is crucial. Building and creating things such as robots and rockets encourages children to become creative thinkers and problem solvers. This could lead to more scientists and innovators, for which there is a tremendous need. But STEAM is about so much more than that. It is important because it penetrates every aspect of our lives. Science includes everything in our natural world while technology is so important for the age in which our students are growing up. Engineering creates so many things on both a large and small scale and we encounter math everyday wherever we go. STEAM is our children’s future!

We are confident that these skills will add to our student’s future success in learning and developing into well rounded productive adults.

New State­-of-­the-­Art STEAM Science Center features:

• Internet access & Wifi
• iPads
• Einstein Tablets
• Marine touch tank
• Aquariums with fish and reptiles
• High ­end interactive experiments
• Robotics, Programming, Engineering,
Life Science, Physical Science & Coding

Preschool Topics
Science Room:

Life Science­ health, human body, germs, animals, nature
Earth Science­ volcanoes, earthquakes, storms
Physical Science­ motion, sink/float experiments, crystals, light

Engineering Room:

Designing and building rockets, planes, roller coasters, and boats

Robotics (Pre­K and Kindergarten):

Code & Go and Dash Robots