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Music & Art

IMAGINATION Finding each student’s creative talents

Music is a fundamental and essential component to our curriculum. Our Music Program supports the curriculum that the children are learning in the classroom. Children who are introduced to music do better in reading, math and science. Music helps develop reasoning skills and cognitive development. Our students are introduced to instruments, different styles of music, and thematic finger plays, all of which enhance their large motor and listening skills. Children who grow up learning music, singing songs, and moving to the beat are what experts call “a rich sensory environment.” Our Music Program promotes our introduction to Spanish and Sign Language. Recent studies support the theory that there is a connection between music and memory. Music engages the child’s mind, senses, imagination, critical thinking, and language enhancement. When music is combined in educational activities, the whole child is engaged in the realm of thinking, as well as social, emotional, creative, and physical development. Music in Preschool and Kindergarten is the best way to expand musical horizons and abilities.

Art Experiences, Dramatics, and Free Play are a very exciting part of your child’s daily experience at Park Shore. Through various art media, your child will be encouraged to express his/her own artistic creativity. Creativity, imagination, and self­-confidence are all reinforced when your child play acts in his/her classroom, music room, or on our outdoor stage. These experiences are an integral part of play, which is an ongoing process throughout the school year. Creativity builds self­-confidence, self­-esteem, and vocabulary in a fun and safe environment. Our Arts Program will enable your child to build skills, as well as give them the confidence to attempt new ventures in a variety of environments.