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Library & Resource

Park Shore Preschool & Kindergarten offers an Extensive Library & Resource Room

Headed by our on-staff reading consultant, our Library and Resource Room offers your child the opportunity for hands-on experiences with a variety of exciting programs. Your child is able to share and play cooperatively with others, follow directions, improve his/her coordination skills, and understand cause and effect through various activities. Many wonderful stories are read while young imaginations travel to different places. The world of books and learning what they have to offer is explored when your child enters our library and resource room.

Our abundant collection of books, materials, puppets, games, and activities are carefully selected in order to stimulate each child’s skills and awareness. It is a room filled with excitement and adventure for every child.

The library is a hub of exciting activities for our Preschool and Kindergarten students to enjoy on a regular basis.
Our new Smart Board interactive learning system is the latest in classroom technology for students of all ages, and has become a fundamental part of our Library and Resource Program. Our students can explore a website, color, learn about shapes, the alphabet or look at pictures and videos on a wide variety of classroom topics. Our complete and state-of-the-art library offers a collection of books, periodicals, videos, and DVDs that address and stimulate the reading awareness and skills of our students. While visiting the library two or three times a week, children can enjoy the hundreds of books on its shelves, play with hand puppets and are given manipulative toys and games such as puzzles and hands-on activities to help develop their small motor skills.