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in teaching and learning

The Park Shore Computer Program uses technology to enrich classroom learning by bringing interactive, multi­dimensional and creative learning experiences to your child. Park Shore is one of the only Preschools an Kindergartens to use iPads and SMART Board technology in addition to standard desktop and laptop computers. Our Computer Program introduces your child to the basic skills needed to use a computer and is designed in tandem with the school curriculum to support and enrich the skills taught within the classroom. Supervised instruction provides one­-on-­one guidance for use of age ­appropriate programs and internet experiences both within the Computer Lab as well as the classroom. We offer the opportunity for your child to work with a partner or independently to reinforce computer skills already learned. This innovative and motivational approach to learning helps stimulate young minds by offering a wide range of virtual experiences. Your child will gain valuable technological skills which will enable them to succeed in their future academic journey.