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Dear Park Shore Families,
So happy to have it finally feel like Fall! While we were waiting for the cooler temperatures your children and I have been keeping busy in the Science Lab. Often times we venture outside to enjoy the lingering warm weather.
We started the month by visiting the Cave. We discussed the proper care and handling of the animals. We went over the guidelines for appropriate behavior in the Cave and why quiet voices and gentle touches were so important around our friends. I am happy to say that most of the children were willing to pet each animal and were so incredibly gentle with them. I hope you had a chance to read over the animal fact sheet and learned something new from it, I know I learned some new facts creating it! We all had a great time during our spider web scavenger hunt, we learned the 6 types of spider webs and the type of spider that usually inhabits each. I love that now the classes will look on their own and come tell me where there are new or different webs.
Excitement was apparent when we raced our apples down the ramps. I am happy to say that most of the children were able to understand why the heavier objects reached the bottom first! Everyone knew that the apple would not move when we put the ramp flat. This was a simple way to introduce the concept of density and mass to the children.
As a way to introduce the scientific method that the children will utilize from elementary school through High School and beyond, we performed a simple lab. The children were given a set of tools and asked a basic question “how many drops of water will fit on a penny”. We discussed their hypothesis (a guess, in simple terms meant for them to understand), they performed their own experiment and had to record data and observations. Finally they shared their conclusions. This not only helped them understand how the scientific method works, it introduced the concepts of water molecules and surface tension.
As we entered the month of October, we were able collect some beautiful leaves to make leaf rubbings. It was fascinating to see the different patterns created. Everyone enjoyed making their own helicopters and watching the wind help lift them away. I hope they were able to show you how they fly at home.
In honor of Columbus Day, each class was given an engineering challenge. Given only a sheet of aluminum foil, they had to make a boat that will not only float but can hold 10 pennies. I was thoroughly impressed with how many children were able to figure out the boat needed sides to prevent water from entering and that balancing the pennies in the boat helped keep it afloat. I was amazed that one boat held 130 pennies without sinking. My younger friends simply enjoyed floating the boats with animals in them. The 2 and 3 year old classes also had fun creating a boat using the colors and shapes we are learning in the classroom.
As we look ahead to the rest of October we will be doing many exciting activities including leaf chromatography and making corn dance. As we move closer to Halloween we will, of course, try some spooky Science.
I hope you are enjoying the break in the humidity and always know how very much I am enjoying my time with your children.
Miss Tina
Extreme STEAM Science Kids