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October 2019 News from The ESSK Lab

From the ESSK Lab with Miss Tina

Welcome back to the Science Lab and Happy Fall.  I am happy to say that the children are acclimating to the school year nicely and enjoy coming to Science. I am often greeted with “Miss Tina, what are we doing today?”  I am so happy that they are excited to be in Science!

We started the month by by discussing the difference between liquids and solids and the properties that identify them.  In order to help the children understand the difference, we made a classic substance called Oobleck. Oobleck is not classified as a liquid or a solid but rather a non Newtonian fluid, which means it has properties of both.  Normally this is made with water and cornstarch but in celebration of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday we used apple sauce. I must say it smelled yummy! Each class had their own idea of whether it was a liquid or solid, but everyone enjoyed making it.  We then performed a simple experiment where we tried to mix water and oil. The children quickly realized that no matter how hard we tried we could not mix the two materials. This experiment introduced the concept of density.  

As a way to introduce exactly what a scientist does, we learned the names of various different scientific tools and each child was given the chance to try each tool themselves.  This helped them not only know the terms, but to put into practice the proper way to handle the different tools we will use this year.

As we entered the month of October,  we were able to collect some beautiful leaves to make leaf rubbings. It was fascinating to see the different patterns created.  We also met a new friend named Mikey. Ask your children what animal he is. The children were delighted with our Science magic.  As always in Science there is no true magic and when all the children had a chance to try the trick I then let them know it was not truly magic but light refraction.  Ask your children to show you what happens to the arrow when put behind a glass of water.    

We celebrated Columbus Day by giving each class an engineering challenge.  Each child was given a sheet of aluminum foil to make a boat that will not only float, but can hold 10 pennies.  As we move closer to Halloween we will make ghosts dance and learn how a spider does not stick to its own web.  

Of course we will visit our friends in the cave and check in on them before they start to go into hibernation for the cooler weather. 

Until next time dear parents, enjoy the weather and Happy Haunting!


Miss Tina

ESSK Teacher

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