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November 2019 News from The ESSK Lab

From the ESSK Lab with Miss Tina

Hello Park Shore Families,

It’s hard to believe that the Holidays are almost upon us.  We have been having so much fun in Science we have barely noticed how fast the time is going!  

We started the past month by participating in a wonderful Fall scavenger hunt.  The children were delighted to look for our fun fall items. In honor of Columbus Day, I challenged the students with a simple engineering problem: design a boat that not only will float but will stay afloat carrying 10 pennies.  I was delighted in all the different designs we thought up and was impressed with how many actually were able to hold our pennies. We had one boat that held almost 30 pennies before sinking. Great job by everyone!              

I am sure you have noticed that spiders are out and about more in the Fall, this has to do with their mating season and their life cycle.  We took this opportunity to learn about the beautiful webs they build. We learned about the 5 different types of webs (orb, funnel, triangle, sheet, and tangle or cobweb).  Then we tried to figure out how a spider does not stick in their own web. Ask your child how the spider glides through the web.  

As we moved closer to Halloween, we learned about air molecules and how hot air rises by making our teabag ghost float in the air.  The children were absolutely amazed when the ghost took off in flight. We talked about how a hot-air balloon works in the same way as our tea bag ghost.  We then learned the difference between biodegradable and non-biodegradable by making our ghosts disappear.   

We took the opportunity of the pine cones falling to learn how some people and animals use pine cones to predict the weather.  We tested the theory by taking very open pine cones and placing them in a tub of water, the results were almost instantaneous. Ask your children what kind of weather a closed pine cone predicts.  We then took our pine cones and made beautiful paintings with them.     

We will end the month with our unit on germs.  We will grow our own germs and observe which parts of our class have the most germs.  We will learn how quickly and easily germs can be spread to each other and ways to reduce them.  The children will learn the proper way to wash and cover in order to protect themselves. Just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving, the children and I will make a yummy smelling cinnamon clay decoration to enjoy over the Holiday.

As we look ahead to December and the colder weather, we will begin investigating why frost happens,  why we wear jackets and how they keep us warm. We will grow crystals and shine pennies. Although the weather will get colder and we will be indoors more – I have many fun activities planned to keep the children busy and learning through the winter months.  

Until next month dear parents, enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and the extra family time it allows.  


Miss Tina

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