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Hello Parents!


It was so nice seeing everyone that came out to watch our Spring Fling.  I hope it showed how much the kids love being in music! Since then, we have been singing along and learning about the butterfly life cycle and having super amounts of fun dancing and enjoying the sun outside.


During this time of year we start practicing our graduation songs so we can show you how much we have grown in the past year. I am amazed at how easily the kids are picking up our sign language song.


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with your children this year. I have had an amazing year singing along with all of them.  They have grown so much and showed me that they are truly capable of anything and everything!


I hope you are ready for what we have prepared for graduation.  See you then!


Miss Taneisha


The Flower (To the tune of Farmer in the Dell)


The flower has some roots, the flower has some roots.

The roots will carry food and drink,

The flower has some roots.

The flower has a stem, the flower has a stem.

The stem will make it stand up tall,

The flower has a stem.

The flower has some leaves, the flower has some leaves.

The leaves will catch the rain and sun,

The flower has some leaves.

The flower has some petals, the flower has some petals.

The petals call the birds and bees,

The flower has some petals.