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May 2019 News from The ESSK Lab

From the ESSK Lab with Miss Tina

Hello Park Shore Families,

It seems as if Mother nature is confused this year, the saying is supposed to be “March, in like a lion, out like a lamb” not April!  Hopefully we are coming to the end of this cold spell and the warm Spring sunshine we have all been waiting for is right around the corner.

In spite of the cooler Spring weather, we have been keeping ourselves very busy in the Science lab.  Since we have had so much rain lately we decided to investigate how rain falls. We all enjoyed making our rain clouds and filling it with “rain” and seeing it fall out of the cloud!  Some of the younger classes also enjoyed making puffy cloud paintings. We also investigated why the wind blows and made a lovely windsock.

We had a lot of fun and were amazed by our beautiful butterflies that we made using chromatography.  We were all so surprised at the array of colors that showed up on the coffee filter just using one color marker!

In anticipation of the warmer weather, all the classes started planting seeds indoors so that we could fill all our planter boxes outside.  We planted tomatoes, squash, herbs and sunflowers. I am happy to report that all are doing quite well and this week we will start bringing all our plants outdoors.  I hope you enjoy watching all the children’s hard work as you walk around the Park Shore campus.

For Earth Day we learned about earthworms and how they help the earth and us by fertilizing our soil.  The children all enjoyed hunting for worms and holding them. We discovered worms have 5 hearts and that their poop is actually fertilizer.

Right before Spring break we started our mini unit on mealworms.  We learned about the 4 stages of the mealworms life – egg, larva (the mealworm itself), pupa and adult (a darkling beetle).  We took turns examining them, and then did an experiment to see if they prefer grains or fruit. We will continue watching them until they go into their pupa stage and then turn into a darkling beetle.  The children are enjoying their investigation

I look forward to spending this Spring with your children and watching their delight in being outdoors after a very long winter.  As always, dear parents, I look forward to catching up with you! Until then, think warm thoughts!


Miss Tina

ESSK Specialist


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