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Happy March!

The beginning of March has brought a lot of movement and fun to Miss Taneisha’s music class.  The first week of March was filled with Dr. Seuss songs to help celebrate his birthday.  Our ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ song with our egg shakers was a hit and the kids especially loved singing and playing the game, ‘Where’s the Cat in the Hat’.
Our second week has been filled with silly socks! Everyone has been so excited to ahow off their silliest socks. We have also been singing our St. Patrick’s Day songs and we are completely ready for the sneaky leprechaun to come join in the fun. As we go further into March we will begin singing our springtime songs to help the warmer weather come more quickly.  Songs like ‘Green Grass Grew All Around’ and ‘Little Bunny Foo-Foo’ are among my favorites, and I’m sure they will love it as well.
We have also begun working on our songs for graduation.  All of the children have grown so much since the beginning of the year, and they are so eager to show you all they have learned!
Happy Singing !
Miss Taneisha
I’m a Little Shamrock (sung to: I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little shamrock,
See my leaves.
Count my petals, If you please.
If you give me water and lots of sun.
I’ll bring you good luck and lots of fun !