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March 2019 News from the ESSK Lab

21st Century Skills & Fun with Miss Tina

Hello Parents,


What a busy month we have had in the Science Lab!


Just in time for Valentine’s Day we tried our hand at growing our own salt crystal hearts. I hope you enjoyed the sparkly gift. We then investigated what would happen to our conversation hearts when we submerged them in different liquids. The children were delighted when the letters floated to the top.

We all enjoyed our engineering activity with Legos. I am happy to say that most of the children were able to design a simple bridge using Legos with minimal guidance. Maybe we have some budding engineers.

Of course we couldn’t start March without celebrating the wonderful Dr. Seuss. Everyone enjoyed reading The Cat In The Hat and we talked about balancing. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be easy balancing all the stuff the Cat In The Hat did. We then practiced our own balance and had fun trying to balance a book on our head.


As St. Patricks Day approached we took the opportunity to investigate rainbows. The rainbows created by the Skittles were beautiful and we were all amazed that the colors didn’t mix. We then made our own rainbows using milk and food coloring, ask your children what we used to push the colors around. Since we had no luck catching the Leprechaun or finding his pot of gold we decided the next best thing would be Leprechaun slime. As always, we had so much fun with our slime.


With the end of hibernation in sight, the classes visited the cave to see if our Blue Tongued Skink was done with his long nap – I am happy to report that he is out and about. This is the earliest I have ever seen him wake up – maybe from now on we should look at our skinks schedule to predict whether we will have an early Spring. I am proud to announce that we have some new additions to the Cave, our much loved Sea Stars! Adding these to our touch tank is a huge deal. This will allow the children to interact with our sea life hands on, the best way for children to learn.


In the month ahead we learn about wind, we will explore a STEAM activity with jelly beans and do some egg magic! Of course we will spend more time getting to know our new friends the sea stars.


It is very exciting when the children come to class and tell me they tried an experiment at home. If there is ever a time you would like to replicate an experiment or activity, please feel free to send me a note or leave me a message with the office, I will be happy to copy it and send it home or give you the link. I am always thrilled when I hear the children’s enthusiasm has carried over from the classroom.


Until next month dear parents, stay toasty and enjoy the longer daylight.



Miss Tina

ESSK Specialist

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