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January 2020 News from Music & Gym

Singing, Signing & Fitness with Miss Taneisha

Happy New Year!

I am so happy to see everyone back after our vacation! In Music, we are singing lots of songs about the winter. We have also begun talking about hibernation as our bears snuggle in their caves for the long winter ahead. Our absolute favorite songs so far have been “Bear Hunt” and our “3 Bears” song.

In “Bear Hunt” the kids have been so excited to use their imaginations as they search through the woods for our sleeping bears. We have also continued our bear theme with our sign language lessons as well. We are learning how to sign the entire book of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. The kids are enjoying every second of it! This week we have begun talking about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream for peace. Below you will find the song we used to learn more about Dr. King!

In Gym, we have begun learning the fundamentals of hockey. We are learning the proper grips & posture, ball & stick control, gently passing & receiving the ball, as well as working on hockey stick safety. As the kids get better with each of these concepts we will turn the gym into our own little ice rink. Then we will use paper plates as ice skates to help engage our core muscles and keep us fit and having fun!

I hope you are enjoying this warm winter! 

Miss Taneisha


Dr. King (sung to Old MacDonald Had a Farm)

Dr. King had a dream for peace,


He wanted all people to be friends,

And live in harmony. 

He had lots of love to share,

He spread kindness everywhere. 

Dr. King had a dream for peace,


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