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January 2019 News from ESSK

From the ESSK Lab with Miss Tina

Welcome back! I hope your Holidays were filled with family, fun and wonderful memory making moments. We look forward to a happy and healthy 2019!!


December flew by but that didn’t stop us from having fun in the STEAM Science Lab. We started the month by making frosty looking crystals. Using a simple household staple, Borax, we were able to make shiny, beautiful crystals to hang on a tree or in a window. I do hope you enjoyed the gift from your child. They all worked very hard at making their own special shapes. We then moved on to Christmas themed slime, the green color with our stars and sparkles really did look like a Christmas tree. The children were delighted to squish and squeeze it. Some even tried to shape it into a tree structure!!

The children were, as always, delighted with their own self guided experiment. We learned what would happen to a gingerbread man when we dropped him in the water. More than half the students correctly hypothesized that it would fall apart. After dropping it in the cup and trying to retrieve it with our tweezers, we all quickly realized that we could not. It was very much like dipping a cookie in milk.


Before we left for the holiday, we all took a trip to the cave to see how our friends were faring this winter. Most of the reptiles are in semi-hibernation, but a few were still active and enjoyed some attention from the children.


As January began, we made some wonderful bird feeders to help out our feathered friends who haven’t migrated. They definitely seemed a bit hungry. Each class took theirs back to their classroom to hang where they could observe the birds feeding.

As we move through the month of January, we will investigate our 5 senses with an activity that has us limiting our sight to perform typical activities. We will investigate penguins and how they move through water and how big they can get. We will discuss hibernation and how animals are able to stay warm during that time. Of course we will be closely watching that groundhog as well. The weather may be cold but the STEAM Science Lab will continue to keep your children heated up with an excitement for learning!!



Miss Tina   

Extreme STEAM Science Specialist

Park Shore News


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