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Dear Park Shore Families,


We have been having lots of fun keeping active in gym.  We are stretching to great music and doing fun movement activities.  While we are anxiously waiting to get outside, we are practicing our Duck Duck Goose skills so that we will be ready!!  This is fun for all ages.


A new game that gets our students excited is tossing bean bags over or under into a hula hoop or bucket.  This helps our students practice hand eye coordination and patience.  By the third try they are usually able to get it in.  Hooray for them!!!  We are also playing different types of tag games.  It is a fun way to improve on speed and agility.  When children first start playing tag they move slowly but as they get more comfortable they begin to move faster.  Teaching stopping and changing direction are important skills for many different sports.


I love that some of the children run in and tell me they watched the Olympics.  They love to share.


See you soon,

Miss Jackie- Gym