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Hello Again Parents,
Although the weather has been frightfully cold this season, we have been managing to keep things heated up and exciting in the Science Lab.
January started with our friends investigating our 5 senses.  The children helped me with my salt and sugar mix up.  Using all of our senses we tried to figure out which sense would help us the most.  We all agreed that even though we thought we could tell which one was which using sight and feel, the only sense that definitely told us was taste!  Hearing and smell did not help us at all.  Everyone had fun guessing what we were touching with our feely box, I was amazed at how often they were correct!
Everyone enjoyed painting with M&Ms during “M” week and it really did smell yummy in the Lab!  Some of the younger classes enjoyed mixing colors in a fun, exciting way.  They mixed colored vinegar to colored baking soda to create new fizzing colors.  They learned how to make green, orange and purple while enjoying the chemical reaction as well.
The classes discussed hibernation and did an activity that showed us how our animal friends stay warm all winter long.  I was as surprised as the children to learn that bears are not considered true hibernators, as they can and do wake throughout the winter.
Of course we could not start February without discussing the groundhog.  We learned how shadows are made and how they change based on the position of the light.  We discovered that anything transparent will not make a shadow. We also enjoyed making shadow shapes and making our shadows dance and do jumping jacks.  Unfortunately that pesky groundhog said 6 more weeks, based on the forecast this week, he may be correct.
Since February is considered to be National Children’s Dental Health Month, this week we will investigate what different drinks do to our teeth and how we can keep our teeth healthy and strong.  We will also learn the proper technique for flossing and brushing.  Ask your children about our “teeth” and what happened in each liquid.
As we move forward through February and into March we have many more activities planned.  We will explore magnets and how they work.  We will help out our bird friends as they start making their appearance around Park Shore. As always, we will celebrate the extraordinary Dr. Seuss with a special activity.
We will, of course, check on our hibernating friends in the Cave and continue working on learning coding with our Code and Go friend, Fred.
Until next month dear parents, stay warm!
Miss Tina