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Fall Fun With Miss Dianne

Fall is an amazing time of year!

The leaves are changing into beautiful colors, or are they? The actual color of the leaf is not green! In some trees, like maples, glucose (sugar) is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops. Sunlight and the cool nights cause the leaves turning this glucose into a red color. The fading green allows a leaf’s true colors to emerge, producing an amazing array of orange, yellow, red and purple pigments. Then why are they all green you ask? Leaves make food for the tree from the sun, soil and the air.  As long as the leaves have enough heat and energy from the sun, the leaves will stay green and mask out the colors of any other pigments that may be present in the leaf. When the weather starts to change and the leaves can’t make enough food for the tree, the actual color of the leaf starts to show through. That’s right!!! The color of the leaves have been hiding from us all this time! When they finally use up all their food they die off and fall to the ground. Not to worry, they just need their rest like bears in hibernation. The leaves will be back in the Spring!

Now, let’s get our kids outdoors for some fresh air and combine it with a fun learning experience and projects for inside.

Collecting leaves is especially fun for the young ones.  Picking leaves of all different colors and then turning them into a fun educational game at home.

Here are a few examples of Leaf Learning Color Games.


  1. Collect leaves of the same size and color.
  2. Glue them individually on a half piece of construction paper (let your kids help with this).
  3. Then mix them up face down and play a matching/memory game with them.

They will love the fact that they made their own game with their own hands!!!


  1. Collect a whole bunch of different color leaves.
  2. Put one color leaf in a tub. You can use as many different colors and tubs as you want.
  3. Place the rest of the leaves across the room in a pile.  The game is to take one leaf at a time, match and place them in the same color tub across the room.  You can time them which will add a fun way to get some exercise indoors and your kids will love it!


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