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December Extreme STEAM Science News

Dear Park Shore Families,
The weather has turned colder and everyone is feeling the excitement of the season. It is so heartwarming to see the children eagerly anticipating the Holidays.
With the cooler weather, of course, there have been fewer opportunities to venture outdoors, but that doesn’t mean there has been less excitement in the Science Lab.
We started the month investigating our lungs and how they work, we learned where our lungs are how important they are to us. Everyone was excited to experiment with alka seltzer and our canisters. The children were amazed at just how far and high our rocket canisters could travel.
To celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday we all enjoyed making pumpkin playdoh and cranberry paint, I must say it made the science lab smell very festive after we were done.
The end of November found us growing germs and learning how germs spread. We used bread to perform an experiment using a control, clean and an unclean sample. The control was made using gloves, the clean was made using hands that were just washed and our unclean sample was from many unwashed hands. We are still letting our germs grow and anxiously await the final results. We had fun with glitter germs and sneezes from a powder bottle. The children were delighted with our powder puff sneezes, while at the same time learning how to cover their sneezes to keep the germs from spreading. Our Germ Buddy friend reminded us how to cover our germs and keep them contained.
To begin December and to help usher in Hanukkah, we made beautiful blue and white salt crystal art. I was amazed at some of the creations the children were able to make. We then used popsicle sticks to make different structure, some were free style and others were teacher led. I was happy that so many of my friends were able to figure out how the pieces went together to form each design.
Looking toward the end December, we will all enjoy making crystal ornaments and Christmas tree slime. For the first day of winter we will take the opportunity to feed our fine feathered friends. Hopefully this will help our friends that do not migrate.
I have many exciting and educational experiments and experiences planned for the children in the upcoming New Year and look forward to spending the long winter months with your children.
With the Holidays here and the new year fast approaching, I would like to take a moment and thank you again, dear parents, for sharing your children with me. The highlight of my day is seeing those bright eager faces, ready for fun and learning. Have a magical Holiday season and treasure the memories with your families.
Miss Tina
Extreme STEAM Science Lab Instructor