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Hello Families!!
We are having such a great time in music! Our Thanksgiving sing-a-long was so much fun and now we are moving on to all of the great holidays December is brings us. We are starting with Hanukkah and learning about how to celebrate and light the menorah. The kids love singing ‘How Many Candles’ to help us remember the number of candles to light on each day. For Christmas we have been learning how to spell Santa, but the kids love when we decorate our tree with candy canes! We have also been learning about Kwanzaa and singing songs to teach us how to light the candles on the kinara. We are so excited for our upcoming holiday sing-a-long! It is going to be so much fun!
In gym, we have been working out very hard with some workouts from GoNoodle. These workouts have us sweating and working very hard. We have continued to work on our lacrosse techniques by integrating our balance beams and hula hoops to help us focus and aim the ball at a certain spot.
I hope everyone has a great holiday season and I cannot wait to see you after the New Year!
Happy holidays!
Miss Taneisha
S-A-N-T-A (sung to B-I-N-G-O)
I know a man with a long white beard and Santa is his name-o
S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A, S-A-N-T-A and Santa is his name-o.
Kwanzaa’s here (sung to Three Blind Mice)
Red, Green, Black (Red, Green, Black)
Let’s give a clap (let’s give a clap)
The decorations are quite a sight
We’ll light a candle for every night
The holiday is filled with light
Kwanzaa’s here ( Kwanzaa’s here)
Hanukkah Candles (sung to I’ve Been Working on the Railroad)
I’ve been lighting all my candles,
On this Hanukkah night.
I’ve been lighting all my candles,
Can’t you see them shining bright.
Flicker, flicker little candle,
I want to see you glow.
Now the time has come to count them,
Ready, set, LET’S GO !!