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Our New Create-A-Torium is AMAZING!

Our NEW Create-A-Torium will enhance our boys’ and girls’ ability to create and innovate.

We are very excited to introduce our new Create-A-Torium which is filled with many new and innovative learning experiences. Our NEW Create-A-Torium will enhance our boys’ and girls’ ability to create and innovate. By offering a variety of experiential learning environments, our students’ imaginations will soar to new heights. This room will help our children develop fine motor skills, enhance their daily activities and allow them to be creative. 

Our Create-A-Torium has a large chalkboard and whiteboard area where our children can create pictures together and learn how to think and combine images of their own design. We also have a large wooden block area where the children can construct and build using critical thinking to become architects, carpenters, and developers. In addition, the Create-A-Torium has a large felt board area where our boys and girls have all kinds of shapes to help them form patterns, design scenes, invent stories, and work together to make any picture scene come to life. We also have a magnetic board where children can form shapes, construct images and learn the fundamentals of magnets. A beautiful library has been included where children and teachers can come read a variety of books with many different stories on a variety of topics. Our Create-A-Torium would not be complete without our exciting Lego Table where our boys and girls will be able to create their own innovative projects.

I thoroughly enjoy creating new learning experiences for our children and this space will bring many enjoyable moments for all. I want to thank Andrew, our Maintenance Director, for all of his help in putting our Create-A-Torium together. I am confident that you will hear the excitement from your children when they come home and tell you they have visited our Create-A-Torium.


Dianne Vitucci

Education Director

Park Shore News


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