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2019 Meet the Teacher

Tuesday, September 17th

Dear Park Shore Families,

Park Shore Country Day School and Kindergarten is proud to announce that on Tuesday, September 17th, we will be hosting “Meet the Teacher Night.”  You will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher. Please go directly to your child’s class where introductions to our program and curriculum will be discussed. We are all looking forward to seeing you there. 

6:00 PM


Mrs. McGuire Room 6


Miss Candy LC3


Miss Kathy Room 7


Miss Maria LC2


Miss Robyn LC1

6:45 PM



Miss Gina Room 8


Miss Ellen Room 3

Miss Jackie Room 2

Miss Lori Room 9

Miss Melissa Room 5

Miss Shari Room 12

Upon arrival, our security will be happy to guide you to your assigned classroom. If you have any questions regarding our orientation, please feel free to contact the main office (631-499-8580). 

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