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2019 International Day

Celebrating the Cultures and Cuisines Around the World

Dear Park Shore Families,

We have over 100 different countries, but only 7 continents in which these countries reside in. In Mrs. McGuire’s Kindergarten class our students have been learning about the 7 continents and all the different languages, cultures, customs and industry that they are known for. Our Kindergarten students also discovered famous places to visit, animals and their habitats, and general facts that make each and every one of these continents special. To end this amazing unit, our students prepared a very entertaining and informative presentation for their parents.

Each student wrote and read facts to educate and inform their parents of what they have learned. Miss Taneisha, our music teacher, taught our students songs that related to the different cultures and customs. Our children sang the “Hello Song” written by Janice Buckner. This song has all the “hello” greetings from all over the world. They also sang “We all laugh in the same language”. There was not a dry eye in the room. Different instruments and rhythms were also a great addition for this presentation.

To end our International Day celebration, the children prepared a luncheon for their parents consisting of food and desserts from all different nationalities and cultures. I am so proud of all our kindergartners. Each and every one of them contributed to this presentation and made it a very special day for us at Park Shore. Their hard work and dedication to prepare for this special day is admirable. I was very honored to be a part of something so very special.


Dianne Vitucci

Education Director

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